Solid image pickup device, camera using the same device and method for driving the same device



(57)【要約】 【課題】 カメラ等の撮像デバイスとして用いられる固 体撮像装置において、単位時間当たりの出力画面数等に 影響を及ぼすことなく、消費電力を低減することを可能 にする。 【解決手段】 全画素の信号電荷を同一時刻に独立に読 み出す全画素読み出しモードと、垂直方向の一部の画素 列のみから信号電荷を読み出す間引き読み出しモードと を選択的にとり得る固体撮像素子10と、この固体撮像 素子10の駆動周波数を動作モードに応じて可変させる 周波数可変手段22、23、24とを備えて固体撮像装 置を構成する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the power consumption of a solid image pickup device without affecting the movement of a displayed picture or picture quality after photographing by varying driving frequencies according to an operating mode by using a solid image pickup element which can selectively obtain a whole picture element read mode and a thinned-out read mode for reading only one part of pixel columns in a vertical direction. SOLUTION: The wiring of a vertical transfer clock in the second phase of a wiring pattern of vertical transfer electrode 34-1-34-4 in a vertical CCD (solid image pickup element) 14 is divided into two systems ϕV2 and ϕV2'. Total four bus lines 41-44 are wired for transferring vertical transfer clocks ϕV1, ϕV2, ϕV2', and ϕV3. The ternary pulse of the vertical transfer clock ϕV2 and ϕV2' is turned into a reading pulse XSG. In a whole picture element reading mode, the reading pulse XSG is issued for both the vertical transfer clocks ϕV2 and ϕV2', and the reading pulse XSG is issued only for the vertical transfer clock ϕV2 in a thinned-out reading mode.




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